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National Human Rights Institution

On the 30 of May 2013, Parliament passed the Ombudsman (Komesina O Sulufaiga) Act 2013, to...

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National Human Rights Institution


On the 30 of May 2013, Parliament passed the Ombudsman (Komesina O Sulufaiga) Act 2013, to include human rights as part of the functions of the Office of the Ombudsman. The Office of the Ombudsman now functions as the National Human Rights Institution of Samoa. Thus, the Office of the Ombudsman is working towards a State underpinned by integrity and fairness in governance and built on a foundation of human rights, reflected in every law passed, every case heard and every administrative decision made at every level. This will be achieved through:

  • Investigation, Inquiry and Monitoring: Recommendations on the means and ways to protect human rights and good governance, based on the results of investigation, inquiry and monitoring. This role includes:
  1. 1.Visits to all public and some private places of voluntary and involuntary confinement or detention;
  2. 2.Review of existing and proposed legislation to ensure consistency with human rights law;
  3. 3.Participation in judicial proceedings as a friend of the court or as a party, where human rights issues arise;
  4. 4.Providing information to the international human rights system, such as the Human Rights Council and other human rights treaty monitoring bodies.
  • Education: The creation of a public conscience through the promotion of a culture that respects human rights obligations and good governance. Promoting public awareness of human rights and efforts to combat all forms of discrimination or corruption through the provision of information and education. Engagement with educational institutions at all levels to promote education of human rights and the delivery of education in a transparent and rights-based manner.
  • Resolution: To effectively address issues of maladministration and thematic areas of human rights violations, with the joint goals of providing a remedy and future prevention.
  • Collaboration: To provide motivation and assistance to entities and public authorities to develop policies, procedures, internal trainings and complaint mechanisms that promote human rights and good governance. To consult, engage and cooperate with other national, regional and international human rights bodies, as well as civil society organisations, including NGOs, business and labour organisations, ethnic and minority organisations, medical and health bodies, and academic institutions.

All of this is achieved through the celebration and protection of Samoan culture, dignity and respect engrained in Fa’a Samoa.

We aim to:

  • promote the highest standards of human rights and respect for the person; and
  • ensure dignity and respect of the person, and equality for all

Convention on the Rights of the Child 2018





 The Office of the Ombudsman is part of the Samoa Law and Justice Sector. For more information about the Sector, visit the website of the Samoa Law and Justice Sector.